Yamaneko / Afterglow / Local Action

Moments of beauty, cathedral-like requiems of glacial ambience, get broken by bass rewinds. Where the fabric tears, gather black clouds of melancholy. Making for music that could score scenes of cinematic revenge. And possible redemption. A protagonist moving towards a point of no return. Android orchestras summon sonic storms. Rushes of alien wind and Techno signal. Hurricanes sucking synthetic drama, digital symphonies, into the future, and back into the past. Details are debris, left catching light. A laugh. A memory trapped in there somewhere. Stuck on repeat. Replayed, rewound, replayed, rewound. Nostalgia as torture. A pricking of thumbs to see if you still bleed. Caught in a loop, cacophony collapses in on itself. Screaming, then diffusing. Back to a beatless bliss. 

Yamaneko`s composed soundtracks for Supreme ads, European spas, and art-house movies. His new slice of ethereal shimmer smashes together Burial, Detroit, and Oneohtrix Point Never, and is available to pre-order from Local Action. 

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Oneohtrix Point Never

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