Colman / Daedalus / Musique Plastique

Music from the future, created in 1986. Restored, and sounding uncannily like the hyperreal ambience of Visible Cloaks, or Sam Kidel. John Gilbert Colman`s Daedalus is a suite of chamber compositions coded by computer. The Rachel`s, or Penguin Cafe Orchestra, if playfully deconstructed by the Art Of Noise. Beatbox-like experiments. Where squeaking balloons create the rhythm. Vocals move between looped chants, operatic arias, and Speak And Spell alphabets. Melodies carried by cello and violin, reappear on biwa, or oud. Oboe, clarinet, and cuckoo. Loon birds, and running water. Tubular chimes. Tibetan bowl resonance. Zen calm alternating with percussion augmented by machine-generated clanks. Stuttering drum rolls. Tuba, trombone, air escaping from those balloons. 

Seance Centre are taking pre-orders (they`ve also got the skinny on the story behind Colman`s Dadealus).

Reference Links

Visible Cloaks

Sam Kidel

The Rachel`s

Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Art Of Noise

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