Visible Cloaks / Lex / RVNG Intl.

Lex is a concept. A virtual projection of a distant future built on the idea of Jon Hassell`s Fourth World. Where all languages have become one. A conclusion estimated at by feeding the Earth`s current myriad, disparate tongues through translation software. The results, a stream of global whispers rendered robotic babel. Choirs of digital angels united in glossolalia hymns. Reciting pixelated poetry. Lex perhaps short for Lexicon.

The accompanying “music” is unashamedly “artificial”. Collages constructed from super-synthesised serendipity. Chance operations. Where sound is twisted and untwisted. Wound and slowly unwound. Stretched thin. But never transparent. Its source unrecognisable. Passing for cello, flute, piano. Brass fanfare. Percussive rivers. Koto tones. Reeds and drones. The latter shining. Reflective. Like sonic kaleidoscope mirrors. Cutting. Bending. Reshaping. If it were light, it would be so bright you`d need shades. It is without shadow. Glowing. An Ai Zen rainbow. Its colours enhanced. Hyperreal.

Within a review I usually cite possible musical influences and antecedents. But in the case of Visible Cloaks the best thing I can do is direct you to a mix they put together for The Lake Radio. An amazing set of esoteric, Ambient “Wants” and “Must-Haves”. Todd Barton, Nuno Canavarro, Michel Chion, Patricia Escudero, Raviv Gazit, Inoyama Land, Iury Lech, Ricardo Mandolini, Pep Llopis, Lena Platonos, Nóirín Ní Riain, Suso Saiz, Tsukasa Suzuki, Lino Capra Vaccina, Hiroshi Yoshimura. Visible Cloaks distill all of this genius into Lex.

These mind-expanding videos are part of an on-going collaboration with Brenna Murphy. Art that mediates between the code and the physical.

You can purchase in your favourite format here.


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