Sleepy`s Theme / The Vinyl Room / Be With Records

Be With Records stick with their recent R`n`B flava. Reissuing the slept-on side project of Patrick “Sleepy” Brown. Brown being part of Atlanta-based production team, Organized Noize. Chaps responsible for hits throughout the 90s and 00s, for not just themselves, but also the likes of TLC, Sounds Of Blackness, Outkast, Ludacris, Goodie Mob, En Vogue, and Curtis Mayfield. 

Originally released, on cassette and CD, in 1996, Sleepy`s Theme`s The Vinyl Room runs to seventeen tracks. Segueing skits, social commentary and homages to Barry White. Stoner humour and Blaxploitation Wah Wah licks. Bongos, Brass, Fender Rhodes, and funky Clavs dance with fuzzed out fretwork, that touches on Eddie Hazel, Hendrix, and Ernie Isley. In places Sleepy`s falsetto and production recalls that of his contemporary, D`Angelo`s classic Brown Sugar. In others it`s a ringer for Organized Noize`s time on Mayfield`s New World Order. Fallin` In Love Again channels the joy of Mayfield`s protege, Leroy Hutson. The narrative of Black Cherry could be a female flip on N*E*R*D`s Provider. While Curse On You is the Voodoo Blues of Lewis Taylor`s Lucky, if sung by Mary J. Blige. Private Party, and Menage A Trois, are as freaky as Sleepy`s mates Outkast doing their best Rick James. 

You can order a copy directly from Be With. 

Reference Links

Barry White 

Curtis Mayfield





New World Order

Leroy Hutson


Lewis Taylor


Rick James 

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