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Lists can be divisive I know. But the aim of this “End-Of-The-Year Round-Up” at Ban Ban Ton Ton is “inclusion”.  By polling artists and labels whose work I`ve enjoyed over the course of the year – folks whose taste I respect – I`m aiming to discover, give some webspace to, and hopefully help promote, great music that I`d have otherwise missed. Of which, there is a ton. 

Archeo Tony Esposito

Manu / Archeo Recordings

It`s been a relatively quiet year for Archeo Recordings on the vinyl front. With energies occupied with establishing their club night, and regular radio slots with 000 Firenze, LYL Radio, and Music For Dreams. That said they started 2018 with the massive six-sided repackaging of Sth. Notional`s Yawn Yawn Yawn – with remixes of the Japanese Balearic classic by Japan’s contemporary masters, Max Essa, Chee Shimizu, Kuniyuki Takahashi, and Tadashi Yabe. Manu then quickly followed that up with an E.P. of Tony Esposito rarities for Record Store Day. The test pressings of AR014 have recently been flashed around Facebook, Instagram, etc, which means that the release of Mushrooms Project remix of Esposito`s already epic Jazz odyssey, Rosso Napoletano, must be due just past those midnight chimes. 

Top Three New Singles

Bel / Ready To Die

Barbatuques / Baiana: Brasingles Vol. 2

Super Paolo / Bella Topa

Top Three New LPs

Hear & Now / Aurora Baleare

Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991

Kumo No Muko: A Journey Into 80s Japan’s Ambient & Synth Pop Sound

Top 10″

Maya / Lait De Coco

Top Three Reissues

Sth. Notional / Yawn Yawn Yawn

Zenit – Straight Ahead

Helio Matheus – Helio Matheus

One Thing You`re Looking Forward To In 2019

Danny Boy / Discomix 12”

… really need it!!!!

Be With Batteaux

Rob Butler / Be With Records

2018 has been huge for Be With Records, by anyone`s standards. Carefully quality controlling seventeen releases, and that’s not counting the eleven KPM LP hit from last month. The Afro-Disco of Buari. The Balearic of Pink Rhythm. The Boogie of Marti Caine. The Jazz of The Deidre Wilson Tabac. The Rock of Liam Hayes. The Soul and R&B of Batteaux, Bo`vel, Freddie Scott, and Sleepy`s Theme. The label showing no sign of a seasonal let up, with reissues from Moments, Judith Ravitz, and Larry Jon Wilson due before you start singing Auld Lang Syne. 

Personally, I need to say a thank you to Be With, not just for the music / promos, but also for helping to set up some of the biggest Ban Ban Ton Ton interviews of the year. I was blown away by the responses of Ned Doheny, Dan Judd AKA Sorcerer, Kimiko Kasai, and John Rocca. All were so generous with their time, and memories. 

Top Three New Singles

Lou Hayter / Cherry On Top

Harvey Sutherland / Amethyst

Mr Fingers / Praise To The Vibes (Alternate Mix)

Top Three New LPs

DJ Koze / Knock Knock

Kali Uchis / Isolation

The Internet / Hive Mind

Top Three Reissues

Sleepy’s Theme / The Vinyl Room

Prince / Piano & A Microphone 

Ned Doheny / Think Like A Lover (Mudd’s Extended Mixes)

One Thing You`re Looking Forward To In 2019

Letting the world in on unheard Steve Hiett tapes and a new Leon Ware double LP of incredible material.

han zon roc

Max Essa / Jansen Jardin

While busy expanding the Jansen Jardin bandcamp page – increasing the available catalogue, adding a few exclusives, such as that Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu rework – Max still found time to produce a decent amount of music. With remixes for the aforementioned Sth. Notional reissue, plus Kito Jempere and Joe Morris, he also released the follow-up to Themes From The Hood, The Cad & The Lovely for Hell Yeah!, the similarly suite-like, Han Zon Roc. The second installment of a promised trilogy, this was seductive Electro-Soul, with a nod to Def Mix, Knuckles, Kupper, and Morales. In addition, 2018 saw Max` stretch out Ambient-ly, with the long-player, Lanterns, on Music For Dreams.

Top Three New Singles

Okinawa Delays feat. Satoko Ishimine / Lotta Love

Coastlines / Coastline & East Dry River

Ilija Rudman feat. Andre Espeut / Motions

Top Three New LPs

Retiree – House Or Home

Calm – By Your Side

Kaoru Inoue – Em Paz

Top Three Compilations / Re-issues

Yuji Toriyama – Choice Works 1982 – 1985

Kuniyuki Takahashi – Early Tape Works 1986 – 1993 Vol.2

Sth Notional – Yawn Yawn Yawn

One Thing You`re Looking Forward To In 2019

The new Cantoma Album.

khalab Black Noise

Pete Buckenham / On The Corner

After an award-winning 2017, On The Corner released one of the albums of 2018 in Khalab`s Black Noise 2084. Tenesha The Wordsmith`s poetic contribution, in particular, was essential. Alongside the remixes of Penya`s Super Liminal, Black Noise was another On The Corner record that smashed pre-conceived boundaries between Jazz, Techno, and World Music. A record that defined an urban RIGHT NOW, by embracing both the past and the future. Being sleeved in Victoria Topping`s arresting visual Voodoo didn’t do it any harm either. 


Kwaku Sound

Surly / Trip To Warsaw 

RANGEr / Portable Presents 


Sarathy Korwar / My East Is Your West

Ben LaMar Gay / Downtown Castles

Tenderlonius / The Shakedown

Comps, Edits, and Reissues

Reissue: Don Cherry / Home Boy Sister Out

Edit: Mike Dunn / We R Tuesday Nights Vol 3

Comp: Tim Lawrence / Life And Death On The New York Dance Floor Volumes 1&2 

One Thing You`re Looking Forward To In 2019 

Well we’re starting the year with a huge remix of Khalab by Hieroglyphic Being. Dancefloors best be ready. 

Woodentops Live Hypnobeat Live

Rolo McGinty / The Woodentops

One person I`ve always wanted to chat to was Rolo McGinty, and this year I got the chance. Rolo was another person who was super generous with his time, and willing to dispel – and reinforce – a few myths surrounding the recording of the original Balearic anthem that is The Woodentops` Why Why Why. 


Childish Gambino / This is America

Nancy Noise  / Kaia & Azizi’s Dance (Leo Mas & Fabrice / Andrew Weatherall mixes)

Segun Adewale / Atewo-Lara Ka Tepa Mo’se (Ben Gomori’s Jùish Edit)


Thundercat  / Drank

Tunng / Songs You Make At Night

Jon Hopkins / Singularity


Music for Dreams Vol 6: Italy

Minimal Waves` The Bedroom Tapes 

Frank Zappa / The Roxy Performances

One Thing You`re Looking Forward To In 2019

In 2019 I`m hoping for the beginning of the end to the madness. Also that a singer/player Rachel D’Arcy gets recognised. She`s the best new artist Ive seen this year, and I`ve seen a lot of gigs of all descriptions, and the undescribeable.

**This is a rough list because I can`t remember much. I have heard a lot of music this year, but don’t know what a lot of it is, name wise. I listen to a lot of mixes by Mixmaster Morris as his mixes play all day and evening in a cafe I am often hanging in. The Copper Tea, on Lewisham Way. I`I’m also sent a good amount amount of new mixes by DJ friends, Leo Mas for example, and in Deptford I`m surrounded by live music. My favourites are Pest, anything Charles Hayward, Nomadic, and Snapped Ankles.

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