Beating Heart X Beauty And The Beat

In 2016 the Beating Heart project gained access to the archives of legendary Ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey. 1950s field recordings which document the traditional musics of Malawi, Tanzania, and South Africa. Tracey was responsible for establishing the International Library of African Music. He also created the kalimba, in order to demonstrate the melodies he heard on his travels. 

Beating Heart have been releasing compilations made from Tracey`s original tapes. Plus a remix series that includes work by names such as Auntie Flo, Clap! Clap!, DJ Khalab, Ibibio Sound Machine, Shawn Lee, and Luke Vibert. With proceeds from the project going to South African charities. Funding musical education programs – mirroring Auntie Flo and Esa`s Highlife workshops. Providing legal assistance for women’s rights causes and cases. The latest installment is a collaborative 12, that sees Beauty And The Beat select four favourites from Beating Heart`s digital catalogue. Pressing up productions by Boys Ride Bikes, Thor Rixon, Nabihah Iqbal (AKA Throwing Shade), and The Happy Show.

Somagwaza II joins ceremonial chants, stomping feet, and clapping hands to a House 4 / 4, and twisted Techno tones. A Deep Space orchestra. Backing vocals, stuttered like a Mark Kamins  Danceteria mix. On Wonderful Sushi synths whistle, and six-strings chime, over gentle broken beat arrhythmia. Tula Mutwana sets native song to the percussive tempo of a morning tide, slow-hand guitar, and a bionic bass rumble. Lamnandi has loops of acoustic strum build anticipation, beneath a dance-floor battle cry. Aerophone drone and wah-wah. History meshed together with machine. 

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