G.S. Schray / First Appearance / Last Resort

This album`s full of thoughtful, patient, careful themes. Minimalism that would not be out of place on Jonny Nash`s Melody As Truth. That could swap for the Post-Rock of Tortoise. Isotope 217`s La Jetee. Instrumentals no doubt influenced by Durutti Column, but the guitar – crystalline Cocteaus, Morricone Western twang – removed from centre stage virtuosity. Instead, taking the lead in describing atmospheres. Weaving between playful Penguin Cafe reeds. Distant trumpet fanfares. A voice vocodered. Or in Fairlight whispers. Bass upright. Or in Digidub blasts. The music largely beatless, but sometimes accompanied by loose drums. The tick tick tocking of a metronome-like machine. Icy reverb, showers on Greyfield Envoy. Frozen in a shallow bay. Perfect for my current landscape. Made clean by fresh snow. The closing Several Wrong Places references Eno – and Cluster and Harmonia. Combines the sophisticated grace and calm of From The Same Hill and Deep Blue Day. 

You can purchase G.S. Schray`s First Appearance, on Last Resort, in your preferred format here. 

Reference Links

From The Same Hill

Deep Blue Day



Jonny Nash

La Jetee

Durutti Column


Penguin Cafe

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