Ekolali / Genom Grundet / Patience

This is a trip. Ariel Kalma`s Osmose, if ruled by Ultraworld`s Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain. A psychedelic, resonating sonic wall of drone and field recording. Fauna, flora, rushing with the sound of fresh water currents. Through the shallows. Shifting in and out of phase. Shining, incandescent New Age. Driven by a tribal thump. Reminiscent of The Orb`s sampled rotor blades. 

Intensity increasing, trance-inducing, constantly peaking. Breaking down into vocoder-ed scat, while the rhythm runs backwards. Giving off bright, hyperreal, RVNG Intl. – by heads for heads – colours. Dropping into echo, before the drums restart. 

A Post-Punk bass loop chases its own tail. Six string-picking spun, in Reich-ian Post-Rock repetition, as the journey hits its coda. Falling back into fragments. Spiralling in ever-decreasing circles. Ripples. Petering. Patterns of rain. 

Swedish producer, Ekolali`s Genom Grundet (which translates as Through The Shallows) is the debut release on new NYC label, Patience. Its thirty-five minute running time, split across two sides of vinyl, demonstrating the imprint`s commitment to long-form compositions. 

Patience Records logo

Reference Links

Ariel Kalma`s Osmose  

A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld

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