Antena / Camino Del Sol  / Numero Group

As far as I`m concerned, Antena, and their Camino Del Sol E.P., entered a more “general consciousness” when Harvey included the title cut on his hugely influential, and important, Sarcastic Disco mix (1). 

Harvey`s mix turned out to be inspired by the recordings of sets by Daniele Baldelli and Beppe Loda. Since it contained a number of “unknowns” that had been favourites of these legendary Italian DJs. Something that became apparent as their tapes resurfaced on-line and began to reach a wider audience. 

Baldelli and Loda had both “rinsed” all the songs on Antena`s E.P. as they went about their Cosmic versus Afro battle. The Greek myth made Synth-Pop of Achilles, and the Caribbean lilt of Bye Bye Papaye, sometimes at their intended speed. Sometimes not. 

Camino Del Sol, so it transpired, was also big at Ibiza`s Amnesia. A sultry, sparse Electro-Samba for the French jet-setters. Ethereal and haunting. It slotted in and around Sade and Viktor Lazlo. One of the nightclub`s key record spinners, Leo Mas, once gave me a t-shirt with the E.P.`s artwork on the front. It doesn’t get any more “Balearic Beat” than that. 

The tune`s rediscovery via Harvey, via Cosmic, via Afro, had a knock-on effect. Alerting previously ignorant UK Balearic enthusiasts (I`m including me here) to other gems in Antena`s back catalogue, and that of lead singer, Isabelle Powaga. The essential Seaside Weekend (2), like a Summery, more Mediterranean take on Acid Jazz. John Morales & Sergio Munzibai`s remix of Life`s Too Short, blending Brazilian cuica with NYC`s Danceteria. The Marc Moulin produced Laying On The Sofa, which someone popular must have played – `cos the current prices are crazy. 

A while ago, when we used to interview DJs, one of the questions we`d ask was 

“Which track do you wish you had back in 1988?”

To which, Aficionado`s Moonboots` had replied, “To Climb The Cliff” (3).

In Japan, Isabelle`s music gets lumped into a genre called Funka-latina (4), and it influenced a generation of Japanese Jazzy House producers. Such as Yukihiro Fukutomi, who covered Isabelle`s tune, Playback (the OG, coincidently, another Amnesia play). 

We consequently hoovered up everything we could find on the same label, Les Disques Du Crépuscule. Making us also belatedly fall in love with Lavvi Ebbel, Kid Montana, and Anna Domino. 


  1. Harvey`s Sarcastic mix was influential because for about five years afterwards, every on-line mix seemed to be a segue of weird electronics, Prog Rock, Euro Disco and forgotten Pop. It opened up people’s minds regarding  what you could play to a dance floor. It was also the start of “The Cult Of Harvey” – deservedly – going overground (anyone spot the DJ in the latest Mission Impossible?). Harvey`s Sarcastic mix was important because it made everyone go out digging again. It re-enthused a generation of DJs. Those old enough to have taken part in the Second Summer Of Love, who, until they heard Harvey`s CD, thought that they had all the “Balearic Classics”. Ginny got everyone going again.
  1. Seaside Weekend will always remind me of Discossession`s Zecky (RIP). When I found it difficult to reconcile his heavy Rock guitar playing, and full-on tattoos, with his love of sweet, European Pop, he explained to me that he was into “authentic” extremes.
  2. On the live version of To Climb The Cliff you can hear a piano in the distance, laughter, and the clink of wine / cocktail glasses. It has a very Cafe (del Mar) ambience. 
  3. I bought my first copy of Camino Del Sol from Japan. I paid about 25 quid for it on eBay, a couple of years before I moved out here. When I arrived in Tokyo, in the Fall of 2006, within the month I`d picked up  five more from the 300¥ bins of the city’s second hand stores. 

Antena`s Camino Del Sol E.P. is back in shops, care of The Numero Group. 

antena camino del sol reissueantena camino del sol reissue back

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