Mappa Mundi / Musaics / Midnight Drive

Church Organ, cymbal shimmer intro`d, moody, breakbeaten, downtempo Techno. Mappa  Mundi`s Musaics is an LP of 90s Belgian electronics, revived by Going Good`s reissue arm, Midnight Drive. Containing “collaged” compositions, that proudly plunder the work of others for their raw materials. Simple, hypnotic. Kinda Lo-Fi. Reverb like it was recorded in an abandoned warehouse. Boom filling the room. A Funky Drummer stoned and slowed to a crawl. James Brown screaming somewhere off in the distance. It`s more stuff That Weatherall could well have played at Sabresonic. Slotting into sets alongside Rabbit In The Moon`s Dubassex, or No Smoke`s Show Them. Bent slightly sinister. Coming in at a similar angle as Holy Ghost, Ingleton Falls, and Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia. Industrial-leaning music-makers getting their hands on affordable sampling technology, and seeing Acid House / Rave for the primal ritual that it was. Musical mosaics where Serendipity is dark, Blaxploitation / Rare Groove-borrowing, Sandals-esque Trip Hop, and Sexafari is a skipping, popping and clicking, 303 wormhole. Wolfi is quality, weirdo, Germanic Digidub. Trance-Induction, an eleven-minute analogue meditation. Generating alpha waves by spinning its “found sounds” in reverse. Creating running water-like effects, raining against undulating low frequency oscillations, and what might have once been the bass breakdown from Richie Rich`s Salsa House. 

“Bring that beat back.”


***Both Urbi Et Orbi and Trance Induction have been known to be spun at 45. 

You can order a copy directly from Midnight Drive.

Mappa Mundi Art

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Reference Links

Rabbit In The Moon

No Smoke

Holy Ghost

Ingleton Falls

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia


Richie Rich

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