Nonnative X Rainbow Disco Club / Golden Week 2019

Golden Week is a block of Japanese National holiday that marks the end of Spring, and the start of thoughts of Summer. The way it falls this year means we`ll get ten days off work. Which even if you love your job is cause for cheer.

For the last decade, Tokyo Dance music institution, Rainbow Disco Club, have been organizing outdoor festivals that party for much of Golden Week`s very long weekend. Arranging DJ line-ups that mix respected homegrown names with top overseas talent. Founder, Masahiro Tsuchiya, threw the first RDC at Tokyo`s Harumi Port. Christening the shindig after the venue`s views of the city’s Rainbow Bridge. A spectacular feature that spans the bay, between Shibaura Pier and the man-made island of Odaiba.  

Tokyo Rainbow Bridge

Preparations for the 2020 Olympics have consumed the port, resulting in RDC moving to its current location. About an hour away by train to Inatori. On the coast, in Izu. RDC now take over the Higashi-Isu Cross County Course. Taming the spirit of Rave, and creating a sprawling park-like environment. Giving people the space to dance, or chill. To be free. To do their own thing. Previous years have seen sets from artists such as Moodymann, Four Tet, and Floating Points. For 2019, DJ Harvey`s flying in.

To help celebrate their 10th anniversary, RDC, have teamed up with independent clothing brand, Nonnative. Producing a pair of commerative t-shirts, and a double-pack of mix CDs.

The first CD showcases the selection skills of Antal, who’ll play the festival alongside Hunee, Masalo, and San Proper, as part of the Rush Hour All-Stars. It finds the man behind the incredibly successful Amsterdam record store and label, sonically circumferencing the globe. Sequencing Afro Bubblegum, Bollywood scores, Libyan Pop, and Motown gems. Constructing a downtempo, yet uplifting, Cosmic chug, of idiophones and woodwinds. Harpsichords, and sitars. Synclavier skank and sultry sax. Sometimes rocking with room-shaking bass.

I have to admit that I recognized, and own, a lot of the tunes. Something I’m very happy about. `Cos if Hunee and Antal are playing these records, then their asking price will have no doubt rocketed. I`m too afraid to check Discogs. 

The second CD is an hour long composition from super producer, Kuniyuki. His Double Improvization Recording comprising of countless, seamlessly segued, fragments of unreleased ideas and sketches. Listening is like cramming a whole night into sixty minutes.

Starting out Ambient. Chords sighing in swells of shimmer and sustain. Post-Techno particles caught in its calming breeze. Swimming on currents of gentle aquatic chimes. Punctuated by pinpoints of pixelated pizzicato. Biffed by bottom end boom. Fluttering like a happy heart. Machines emit twilight whistles. Fine detail is interwoven in increasing, trance-inducing, intensity. Hitching up to head-bobbing Boogie. Live bass, jazzy keys, bumpin` on sunset. Sliding into Slo-Mo, House. Hosted by choirs of Fairlight angels. Art in their noise. Then marching to Afro / Cosmic percussion. Tapping snares, and a snatch of Orb-like monastic chant. Colliding Kosmische. Turning tribal. Acidic. Nocturnal. Dancing to a broken breakbeat. Drums in delay. Slipping outta phase. 4 / 4 kicking. Synths summoning electrical storms. Crazed computer lightning. Rave signals countered by Tangerine Dreams, arpeggio, and New Age melodic nuance.  

Rainbow Disco Club takes place at Higashi-Isu Cross County Course between April 27th and 29th. You can purchase tickets here.

The Nonnative X RDC T-shirts and CDs are on sale here. 

Though I think they might have sold out. 

Hold on for a repress. There`s also a rumour that some of the Kuniyuki stuff might see vinyl. 

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