Suso Saiz / Nothing Is Objective / Music From Memory

This is an album. Not one to be cherry-picked. But one that needs to be experienced in its entirety. Only then are its subtle changes in mood apparent. Darker, more melancholy moments balanced by light. Check, for example, the change between Dulce and Healthy Digestion. Between sustain and drone, and simple guitar chime. 

It`s one for the isolation tank. A salt water float of sensory depravation. A deep listen, of near subliminal serenity. Running with Eno`s original idea of Ambient as a BGM, almost out of earshot. Beautiful, fragile soundscapes of slower than slow-hand guitar, and electronic processing. Dub clouds of close to inaudible Tibetan bowl resonance. Minimal Distance is the ring of two guitar strings moving slowly out phase. A composition of chance, created by the microtones that fall in the fissure. Mexican Bells is a gong bath of clock chimes and field-recorded city bustle. Meccano, loops of Post-Rock Reich-ian counterpoint. Machines hiss like down-pouring rain. Details are stretched thin, disintegrated. Sent spinning backwards, as if sucked sharply into the past. I had to concentrate so hard to pick out the sounds, that the process pushed out all other thought. Only on the closing two tracks, From Memory and Nothing Ends, are rhythm and melody stated. 

For someone like me, for whom “BGM” doesn’t really exist – since I’m always taking note – this is more mind control, than music in the popular sense. 

You can purchase Suso Saiz` Nothing Is Objective directly from the recently overhauled Music From Memory on-line shop. 

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