Deep Nalström / Naive Melodies / Natural Selections

Deep Nalström takes you on a trip to a space where New Age meets Nuova Neapolitan Funk. Crashing landing somewhere familiar, yet alien. The environment, lush, unspoiled. A musical terrain not dissimilar to Vakula`s Arcturus. His Naive Melodies accompanying your slow careful first steps through a forest that time forgot. Wondering at the colours, breathing with the birds, as digital palms creak in the breeze. Navigating Eno & Byrne`s Bush Of Ghosts, while he fuses the ethnological with the technological, as if he were on holiday in Hassell`s Fourth World. Machine interference buzzes like animal chatter. Gurus impart words of wisdom. Indigenous hominids gather, and drum circle ceremony mixes with Ambient Techno atmospheres. Percussion hits resonate. Bongos are bashed in delay. Tougher beats kicking like Detroit beatdown. Organically grooving like The Seahawks partying with Nu Guinea. Shimmying through Mushrooms Project`s Psychedelic swamp. Cutting a path through Cosmic Handshakes` In The Mist. The ritual, opening temple gates. Portal to a void of calm. A journey through a virtual Eden, from sunrise to twilight.

Deep Nalström`s Naive Melodies is the second release on Nummer`s Natural Selections imprint. This sounds amazing on headphones. It`s gonna be immense on a big system. You can pre-order a copy at Boomkat, HHV, Juno, Deejay Records, and Redeye. 

deep nalstrom frontdeep nalstrom back

Reference Links


Bush Of Ghosts

Jon Hassell

Detroit Beatdown


Nu Guinea

Mushrooms Project

Cosmic Handshakes

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