Bartosz Kruczyński / Baltic Beat II / Growing Bin

Upfront about its musical debt to the work of master percussionist Midori Takada, and Minimal composer Steve Reich, Bartosz Kruczyński readies Baltic Beat II, for Growing Bin Records. The album due to hit shops almost two years on from Volume I. In and around the Electric Counterpoint and sonic homage to the Post-Impressionist Primitivism of Mr. Henri Rousseau, Bartosz adds Electro-Acoustic echoes of Talk Talk`s Spirit Of Eden, Mark McGuire`s extended six-string symphonies, and the pioneering, partying Zero Set machines of Moebius, Plank, and Neumeier. Subtle synths, spare piano melody, Blues guitar arcs, accordion, and asymmetric Ambient Techno. He builds Pastoral Sequences on a collection of field recordings. The sound of a fresh water stream, insect buzz, the rustle of wind, and the roar of a passing train. A countryside montage, pulling in further comparisons, to Virginia Astley`s From Gardens Where We Feel Secure, and Rivertones` Be. The fragments of Folk song could have it down as one of Can / Holger Czukay`s ethnic forgeries. Bartosz` own In The Garden Post-Rocks with Tortoise, Isotope 217, and Mice Parade. Petals is a metallic, but beautiful, Collage Of Dreams. Like John Beltran`s Ten Days Of Blue, slowed, and stretched over a fortnight. Boards Of Canada`s Zoetrope. Chords colliding in beatific Brownian motion. Suggesting landscapes. Wide open spaces. The distance viewed from a shore. Mountains framed by the window of a speeding shinkansen. Sun-Drenched Road Parts 1 & 2, starts with a far off gong. Flute giving way to looped vocals and racing heartbeat-like rhythm. If You Go Down To The Woods Today is Kruczyński at his most Classical. Where the voice hints at Opera, and the oboe-like buzz of shifting phase will have you thinking this is Reich`s Music For 18 Musicians, played by just one. 

Bartosz Kruczyński`s Baltic Beat II is available for pre-order at Growing Bin Records.

Bartosz Baltic Beat Volume 2

Reference Links

Midori Takada

Steve Reich

Spirit Of Eden

Mark McGuire

Zero Set

Gardens Where We We Feel Secure

Ethnic Forgeries


Isotope 217

Mice Parade

Ten Days Of Blue


Music For 18 Musicians 

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