Blair French / Patio Pastels / NuNorthern Soul

Blair French is one third of Detroit 21st Century “Fourth Worlders” Cosmic Handshakes. If you haven’t already done so, check their outstanding In The Mist, on Brian Not Brian’s Going Good. Blair also releases dance floor action on Rocksteady Disco. The imprint run by fellow Motor City residents, Peter Croce and Moonlighter. A couple of years ago, he flexed his “Balearic” chops for Claremont 56, and now for NuNorthern Soul he does the same. On Patio Pastels, casting his eyes towards Summer skies with six laidback tracks. Laidback, but lively. `Cos the opening title cut counters its serene synths, and acoustic strum, with bongos and handclaps. Shuffling to a tropic of coconut shell percussion, and squeezing in a Samba break. The vocal harmonies, like Panda Bear at Ibiza`s Cafe Del Mar. Bass-lines veer between Fusion, on Morning Sail, and Post-Punk, on Human Makes Human. The latter like Will Powers meets Savant (I`m not sure if its “Inside Of You” lyric refers to conception or gestation). La Playa De Terciopelo and Lounsbury Gardens are both built on simple Casiotone-like rhythms. The machine`s cute pop and fizz giving them a kinda of retro, 60s Psychedelia feel. Like Joe Byrd`s United States Of America updated by Liminanas, or Vanishing Twin. Or Mikado made over by Scott Gilmore. Lounsbury Gardens also features a fuzzed-out, Ernie Isley-esque solo. Belle Isle Sunsets, fittingly, heralds twilight with a drama of strings. 

You can purchase Blair French’s Patio Pastels E.P. directly from NuNorthern Soul. 

Reference Links

Panda Bear

Will Powers


United States Of America


Vanishing Twin


Scott Gilmore

Ernie Isley

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