Riccardo Giagni / Kaunis Maa / Archeo Recordings

Following Pepe Maina`s Scerizza, Archeo Recordings will reissue Kaunis Maa. A 1988 set from Italian guitarist Riccardo Giagni. With everything characterized by Riccardo`s Spanish-leaning six strings, there isn’t a track here that’d be out of place in someone’s idea / dream of “Balearic”. The intricate virtuoso flights of his Closest Friend recall Joan Bibiloni`s Pinzells, before its hush erupts into shouts, and cries. Drums and Celtic themes. Cohabiting with Bob James` Women Of Ireland, in Kate Bush`s Sensual World. Giagno`s pieces are romances of fretless bass, New Age Fairlight / Synclavier sighs (O Superman experiencing Moments In Love), and gentle piano runs. Percussion, quiet. Clanking in the distance. Other, overall, comparisons that come to mind are the Japanese duo, Gontiti, and the Cafe Del Mar-endorsed World Music mores of Rao Kyao. 

Kaunis Maa was licensed from Stile Libero. The home of previous Archeo licensee, Paolo Modugno`s Brise D`Automne. Established in the late 1980s, the label operates as a kind of Italian ECM. Releasing music that fuses Jazz, Ethnic and Electric. Giagni`s Passeggera, for example, mixes machine rhythms with Asian-sounding vocals. The Archeo edition of the LP features a remix by Londoner, sometime Aficionado, Simon Peter, who slows Closest Friend right down. Spaces it out. Adding Hawaiian steel, heralded by a fanfare of Dub horns. 

Pre-orders aren`t up yet, due to the holidays, but check the Archeo Recordings website for news. 

Reference Links


Women Of Ireland

Sensual World


Rao Kyao

O Superman

Moments In Love

Simon Peter

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