Exquisite Corpse / Between Rhythms IV / Platform 23

Emotional Rescue / Response off-shoot Platform 23 have been cherry-picking their way through the catalogue of Robbert Heynen`s eXquisite CORpsE*. Robbert being a founding member of Tilberg`s subliminal subversive, Rave revolutionaries, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia. The Dutch collective who peddled percussive European Techno, that we weren’t ashamed to call Trance. Before the BPMs of that genre ramped up into the ridiculous. Using Burroughs & Gysin`s razor to psychedelically loop dialogue and texts. Taping into an occult Magick. Like a Coil you could dance to.

The Platform 23 reissues run to a total of four volumes, titled Between Rhythms. This final E.P. is the one I’ve been waiting for. Mainly because I was daft enough to part with my original copy of eXquisite CORpsE`s Reassembling Reality years ago. In the mid-1990s I sold all of my Progressive House and Trance vinyl. And I mean all of it. Save a handful of timeless bits, like Effective Force`s Diamond Bullet.  To which eXquisite CORpsE`s Honeymoon bears some similarity. Both are moody, Gothic even, Electro. Melancholy picked out on plaintive piano. While Effective Force plunder the horror of Marlon Brando`s speech from Francis Ford Coppola`s Apocalypse Now, Honeymoon is a call for communion with Nature. Where sampled Native American teachings sound like Beat poetry. The track rushing with the urgency of life. The Great Circle. 

I sold those records, figuring I`d never play them again. Not wanting to be reminded of the memories they held. As if I could simply erase five years of excess that I`d rather forget. 

Now I’ve been out longer than I was in they aren’t quite so painful.  

You can order copies of Between Rhythms I-IV directly from Platform 23. 

*The project`s name refers to the surrealist technique / game of spontaneous collective creation. 

exquisite corpse art 1exquisite corpse art 2exquisite corpse art 3Exquisite Corpse Between Rhythms IV

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