Coyote / Buzzard Country / Is It Balearic?

Buzzard Country. The record`s title comes from Timm Sure`s fascination with birds of prey. The hours spent watching them circle, catching thermals, in the azure Eivissa sky. So the album starts appropriately with bird calls. Before a playful but pensive piano  begins picking out melody. Between sighing synths and sleepy Bleep. Mapping the memory of Rave the morning after. Nobody knows that feeling better than Venus veterans, Timm, and Ampo. Coyote. Spanish guitars are set to shuffling 4 / 4s. Kosmische electronic B-lines. Pads and swells recall Dave Morales` most loved-up Red Zone moments. Flamenco dancers shout and stamp. Shimmer Dub is a standout of Bill Laswell-esque tabla, exotic native song, and Wobble-esque bass. As rhythms run backwards, Soft Top Saab gives thanks and praise to Mother Earth. Greeting the gift of a precious new day with great heart-felt, hard-earned, sun-worshipping gratitude. 

Buzzard_country_Front(CMYK) copyBuzzard_country_Back_03(CMYK) copy

Coyote`s Buzzard Country is due sometime this Summer. The best place to listen to clips right now is probably over at Juno. 

The amazing hand-drawn artwork is by Mark Warrington

Liner notes are by yours truly. But please don’t let that put you off. 

Reference Links

A loved-up Red Zone moment

Bill Laswell


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