Gigi Masin & Jonny Nash / Postcards From Nowhere / Melody As Truth

Close mics pick up the ambience of the room. Xavier Veilhan`s Studio Venezia*. The background bustle. An audio snapshot of the day. The intimacy recalling the secrets recorded by Ian William Craig`s cassette choir. Memories in there with the hum. Gigi`s piano in big modal chords, and improvised cascades. Jonny`s arcs of carefully tremelo`d feedback. Fretboard scratches. Textures of vibrato and sustain. Like Keith Jarrett dancing endlessly on ECM, to the Echoplex shadows cast by John Martyn`s One World. Single notes bent into rising waves of sound. Flowing organically. Like the legendary German label, mixing Jazz and New Age to write these Postcards From Nowhere. Each piece a duet, with the players set in sympathetic counterpoint. As if telling the same story from differing points of view. But what is that story? Where is nowhere?

Going on track titles, sea and space seem to be themes. Tonally the record could be a follow up to Eno`s Apollo : Atmospheres And Soundtracks. If Brian had collaborated with Harold (Budd) and Daniel (Lanois) simultaneously. A Peter Green Blues as humanity hurtles away. The Earth viewed shrinking in a growing distance. The power of the oceans crashing now on empty shores. 

Girl With No Name inspires the Romantic. A love remembered, as in say (Hector) Zazou`s First Evening. Keys picking out a song, once shared, long since rehearsed, but not forgotten. Slowly, gradually, more confidently, retelling the heartbreak. Fingers all the while wondering if they’re really strong enough to go there. Hindsight reassuring with whispers that all love is a blessing. Even that which has passed. The guitar hits a bass note, held as a drone, the piano climaxes, and you’re caught in that first / last kiss.  

*The music is one thing, but the whole package around Postcards From Nowhere is amazing. A collaboration between Gigi, Jonny, Venetian artist Xavier Veilhan, design agency Commission, photographer Luke Evans, Parisian print studio Imprimerie du Marais, a 100% has gone in from everyone to make this a work of art. You can find out more, and order a copy, here. 

Reference Links

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One World

Harold Budd

Daniel Lanois

Peter Green

Hector Zazou

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