BBC / Quality Weed / Déclassé

Steve Cobby teams up with Jimmy Brown and Dennis Bovell as BBC for a limited 45 on Déclassé. Given Blackbeard Bovell`s involvement, and the fact that Jim drums for UB40, it`s no surprise that the tune, Quality Weed, is heavyweight Reggae. Full of bass boom and sonar blip echo, like something from Daddae Harvey and Joey Jay`s The Truth. With a masterful meditative melody played on Mikey Chung-esque guitar. Bovell`s elder statesman growl all the while extolling the virtues of cannabis, marijuana, bud, bush, herb, trees, Mary Jane. Suggesting that you “set yourself free whenever you wanna” to conga rattle and righteous blasts of brass. 

For the remix Cobby takes the track up to a house tempo. 120 BPM odd. Led by a Psycho Killer strum it`s effectively six minutes of dueling axe overdubs. Their complex, clipped, frantic funk recalling Talking Heads. Or Nuphonic`s Fuzz Against Junk covering Born Under Punches. Its tight disco-not-disco groove rocking like an update of the trance-inducing coda / climaxes of Dinosaur L`s Kiss Me Again, Was (Not Was)` Wheel Me Out, or Yoko`s Walking On Thin Ice. 

You can pre-order a copy here. 

Reference Links

The Truth

Mikey Chung

Psycho Killer

Fuzz Against Junk

Walking On Thin Ice

Was (Not Was)

Dinosaur L

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