Bonnie & Klein / Is It Balearic? & NuNorthern Soul

Greek soft-synth stars Bonnie & Klein set sail once again on Balearic waters with two new 12s. 

bonnie klein nunorthern soul art edit

For NuNorthern Soul they deliver three tunes. A Moment being bass-driven boogie, coloured by sustained strings and keys that believe they’re muted brass. Ocean Leap is a twilight chugger. Its mid-tempo 4 / 4 tethering trance-y shapes, acoustic guitar, and an emotive whistle song knocked out on pan pipes. One Morning softens the edges of a tough drum break with dub filters. So that its 80s pop lines and orchestral accompaniment pitch the track somewhere between Soul II Soul and Def Mix. Machined marimba all the while making with a moving end-of-the-night melody.



The duo give Is It Balearic? 1983. In its original form, again, it`s a potential party finale. Afro, cosmic, balearic, like a reprise of Jasper Van`t Hof`s Pili Pili – without the chanting. Arms-in-the-air synths, bongos and pensive piano. The track`s extended breakdowns building to a fragmented electric solo. Fairlight sprites lending their support.

bonnie klein video 3

You can check a video clip here

The remix – from Crazy P`s Ron Basejam – opens with the guitar, and if the OG is at 33, well then he re-spins the whole thing at 45. Shifting the BPMs from 90 to 115. Transforming the sunset / sunrise mediation into scratchy, synthetic funk. NYC Peech Boys Paradise Garage handclaps and pumping Italo riff bouncing to a b-line reminiscent of Computer`s bonkers Nobody Loves A Computer Because A Computer Does Not Dance. 


bonnie klein video 1

There`s another video clip here

While I’m on Is It Balearic? there`s another E.P. on the way from L.A.`s Michael David. Four pieces of calm crafted for guitar and electronics. Gentle drum circle rhythms, dubbed-in flashes of treated vocals, piano, 303, and last night`s rave whistles. Melona tumbles along like a mountain stream traveling through green towards wide open spaces. Chris Massey`s remix anchors it to a booming 107 BPM kick. Upping the reverb and echo. Axe and details now going off like midnight fireworks. 

is it balearic michael david art

Reference Links

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