Afrodesia / Episode One / Best Records Italy

This is a kinda concept E.P., from the Naples-based Periodica crew and Best Record Italy. With Mystic Jungle members Dario Di Pace and Raffaele “Whodamanny” Arcella recruiting local musicians Giulio Neri on saxophone, Andrea Farias on guitar, and Davide Di Sauro on bass – sampling the congas of the late great George Aghedo – and tapping into the Afro / Cosmic grooves that came out of Milan’s Les Folies Studios in the mid-80s. Classics like Daniele Losi`s Tom Tom Beat and Roberto Lodola`s Marimba do Mar. Coming on like Mystic Jungle`s mates Nu Guinea paying tribute fo Fabrizio Fattori, with three tracks of electro-boogie, jazz-funk, and one more electro than boogie. 

Deep Down In Zanzibar is a sort of cheeky Balearic Stars On 45. Replaying bits and riffs from yesterday’s hits. Drums like Carly Simon’s Why. A timbale rattle like Taja Seville`s Love Is Contagious. A b-line like Robbie Shakespeare vamping on Fat Larry`s Band’s Act Like You Know. Analogue synths squeezing out a Nuova Napoli funk. A wah-wah lick paying tribute to something that’s on the tip of my tongue. Desert Storm slaps bass strings and bass synthesizer. Its reverbed percussion topped by horror-score-y – Giallo – themes. Meet In Tunis is uptempo jazz-funk. Blowing Rio carnival whistles and a mean husky sax. Orion Beat is like a jazz-funk Planet Rock. A percussion-rattling dub of Cybotron`s Clear. 808 booming and clapping. Shot by dramatic stabs of “space strings”. Bottom-end honking like the electric hog on Northend`s Tee`s Happy. 

I`m not sure when this is being released but pre-order links are up at Juno. 

Reference Links

Carly Simon

Taja Seville

Robbie Shakespeare 

Fat Larry

Fabrizio Fattori

Nu Guinea

Planet Rock



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