Tenderlonious / Think Twice / 22a

Think Twice is a new four track E.P. from 22a founder, Tenderlonious. One that suspends the straight ahead jazz of say Ruby Rushton`s Ironside, and rather than picking up the baton from Blue Note and Impulse! pays tribute to Transmat and Alleviated. The rhythms updating `88 drum patterns. Beginning as simple heartbeats but evolving into complex house music marches. Cymbals syncopated. High hats skittering – night-driving thru Babylon, Detroit. Suburban Knight noir cityscapes clattering by. Coltrane and Roland Kirk making way for Mayday and Larry Heard. The bottom-end rumbles. The b-lines, Juno-60-esque. Can U feel them? The mid-range cut by tense synthetic strings, Sci-Fi sighs. Motor City echoes trance-dancing. While big room kicks anchor stratospheric Moog solos – spiraling off in search of stars and distant planets. Percussion is phased. Fingers snap. Keys come in shapes that are almost modal. Post-round-midnight 3AM serenades. Transcendental instrumentals. Like feathers floating in zero G. 

One of the things I like most about 22a is that each release appears so carefully considered. Nothing seems rushed out, instead finely honed. With the quality bar set high. With the label and artists striving to make every record a classic. 

You can order a copy of Tenderlonious` Think Twice directly from 22a. 

Reference Links

Night Drive Thru Babylon

Suburban Knight

Can U Feel It?


Distant Planet

Feathers Floating

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