Mix / Joe Morris / Poolside At Pike`s 2019.07.28

September, October, Summer falls into The Fall. In Ibiza traditionally the hedonistic super clubs are closing their doors. Battening down for winter, as the crazy tourists go home to sleep it off / dry out / rehab. Leaving only the Eivissans (?) to worship Tanit. Thing is, I’m not sure if Ibiza ever shuts now. Too many people wanting to party 24 / 7 and 365, and too much money to be made. I’m also not sure if there are that many real Eivissans left on the island either. 

pikes pool ibiza edit

Pike`s – of course – is an institution. From the legend that was / is founder Tony Pike (RIP) – running amok with film stars, pop stars, and European royalty alike. To the aquamarine pool and Wham!`s Club Tropicana tangas. George Michael (RIP). Ibiza Rocks acquired Pikes in 2011, and under the supervision of creative director Dawn Hindle it`s been polished to shine as one of the only remaining beacons keeping the White Isle`s original, eclectic, balearic beat spirit burning. For example you can catch former Amnesiacs Paul Oakenfold and Nancy Noise going back to back. And then there’s the phenomenon that is DJ Harvey`s Mercury Rising. 

harvey mercury rising IIHarvey played his last Pike`s set of the year on Monday – Mercury Rising does actually close. To coincide with season`s end a second volume of MR favourites was released. Opening with sometimes Music-For-Dreamers Rheinzand orgasmic ode to the man himself. Concluding with classic Italian house from Mr. Marvin. In between there`s cosmic disco from Marta Acuna, boogie from Pamela Nivens, and edits from System Olympia and Hugh Mane. Most of the tracks are not dusty rarities, but new, or newish. Das Komplex` bouncing Slap, Switchdance`s acidic Arabian Ride, and Peaking Lights booming dub of Land Of Light`s Strange Attractor. The up-to-date jazz funk of Nu Guinea and Mildlife. The Middle Eastern mysteries and trance of Forgotten Corner & Khidja`s Tatooine Moons. And then there`s the balearic purist-baiting non-Cool & Breezy Jazz version of Mandy Smith`s I Just Can`t Wait. Perhaps included as a two-fingered salute to all the old fuckers who sit at home complaining, and never go out and dance.

To mark summer`s end we have a set from Pike`s – no, not DJ Harvey (not yet anyway) – but instead a poolside sunset, twilight selection from Clandestino`s Joe Morris. Recorded on Sunday July 28th we’ve nearly two hours of pop, reggae, and Japanese steel pans. Covers of Azymuth, Marvin, and The Police. Californian dreams and sleepless cities. Birdsong and pan pipes. Street soul and stormy weather. Shoom and Cafe Del Mar favourites. Weatherall remixes and Mike Francis doing Chris Rea.

pikes ibiza cat mural copy

I love Rory Dobner`s cat. 



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