Jennifer Vanilla / J.E.N.N.I.F.E.R. / Beats In Space

Assuming the performance persona of Jennifer Vanilla for Beats In Space, Becca Kauffman sets out to Erase The Time with a house kick, beatnik bongos, and a TB303 generated, mutated bass-line. Spelling out her name as an acronym like a potty Prince protege hijacking Deee-lite`s groovadelic Paradise Garage cartoon. 

E is for energy, apparently. 

Her spoken words of wisdom, part Laurie Anderson, part Will Powers. Imparted as if these ladies were right on one matey. 

When I first heard the track Space Time Motion I had visions of somebody in a lycra aerobic leotard dancing, cavorting, surrounded by naked bodies. Sweating – perspiring might be politer – ecstatic.

Jennifer doesn’t sound very vanilla. 

But the video reveals Jennifer to be more clothed and more sophisticated than that. Even if she might be mind-boggled on disco (not-disco) biscuits. Her falsetto, a siren’s, like MJ Lallo mimicking a whale’s plaintive song, circling the wordplay. 

“Hello how are you?”

“Who the hell am I?”

I love a bit of wordplay, and there`s more in the press release, which describes Jennifer as “pro-motion” and embodying and essential enthusiasm. 

When Becca says “I`m Jennifer Vanilla” she reminds me of former Playboy Bunny Sabrina Scharf in the 1967 flick Hells Angels On Wheels telling a very young Jack Nicholson

“I`m me and I`m not ashamed of anything I Do”

Like I said, she doesn’t sound very vanilla. 

You can purchase Jennifer Vanilla`s J.E.N.N.I.F.E.R. E.P. directly from Beats In Space. 

jennifer vanilla

Reference Links


Laurie Anderson

Will Powers

MJ Lallo

Hells Angels On Wheels

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