Deep88 / Tracks From Different Various

Deep88 AKA Alessandro Pasini (Ale to his amicos) has put together a digital package of 14 tracks. Collecting his “different” productions for “various” labels, originally released between 2012 and 2019. Music for imprints such as Soul Clap, Série Limitée, Profound Sound, Jackoff, Dusky Adriatic, Don’t Be Afraid, Bengala, and his own 12Records. All featuring big beats, forged on E-mu SP-1200 and an AKAI MPC, serene synths, syncopated snares, and assorted 303 flavours. Respectfully and willfully Old School. Detroit. A New York Nu Groove bounce. Chicago. Drums thumping in Marshall Jefferson-like delay. TR808 handclaps falling in celestial cascades. Working it to the bone like LNR, to a slapped disco b-line. Following in the footsteps of Italian past masters, such as Don Carlos. 

Swirling strings pay tribute to Harlem’s ballrooms and Paris Is Burning. Introspective 3AM, 5AM, whistle songs plot a course for innerspace, tranquility bass. A bass that asks, “What is love?” The music might sometimes be minimal, dark, but it`s always warm down there. The depths bubbling aquatic, and the journey steadfast toward the light. Its gently bumping, considerate, unselfish, dance-floor erotica made with, and full of, love. Harking back to a Deep that existed before there was a house / techno divide. When the dance instead would bring us together. 

You can purchase Deep88`s Tracks From Different Various package directly from Ale at his Bandcamp page.

compilation various tracks.jpg

Reference Links

Nu Groove 

Marshall Jefferson


Don Carlos

Paris Is Burning

Whistle Songs

What is love?

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