A Man Called Adam / The Pickle Factory / Tonight!!!

Sally Rodgers and Steve Jones AKA A Man Called Adam play East London’s Pickle Factory tonight. The gig, in part, is to promote the duo’s new E.P., Farmarama Remixes Volume 2, which`ll be released on their own Other Records tomorrow (November 15th). Having enlisted two members of the new guard of house heroes to help rework tracks from their recent LP. 

Turkish DJ Alex Lawrence AKA Aleksandir, has productions out on a variety of labels, including Artesian Sounds, Blind Jacks Journey, Church and Tessellate. Plundering the past to arrive at somewhere now he resets AMCA`s Higher Powers to a classic 90s garage skip. Synths are run backwards. Squiggling, subliminally uplifting. Gated euphoric. Dancing amongst build-the-box bleeps and the ecstatic ghosts of rave remembered. 

Columbian Felipe Gordon has released 5 singles so far this year – on sub-labels of German imprint Exploited, France`s Wewillalwaysbealovesong, Brooklyn`s Razor-N-Tape, the UK`s Quintessentials, and 13th Hour Records. His Moody Remix terraforms Mountains And Waterfalls as a dubbed-out boompt! Think Basic Channel giving Derrick Carter a makeover. It`s a sound I associate with Luke Solomon and Kenny Hawkes Space, Andrew Weatherall`s Bloodsugar nights at Hoxton`s Blue Note. A point in the mid-1990s when, with a slight pitch adjustment, house and techno met. Relief, Cajual, Power Music, Quadrant 12s, Prescription Records, and Girls FM. All providing a deep alternative. Dynamic drum rituals where just the high hat kicking back in was enough to send the tuned-in crowd crazy. 

AMCA themselves take on Michael. Sally reaching for love – in a world where there doesn’t seem to be enough – while the sighs of gospel angels offer encouragement. Their Low Cal Dub is most definitely house but also harks back to the band`s origins and roots. Dingwall`s, Cock Happy, gigs with Gilles Peterson. Atop kick, congas and cowbell, keys come in abstract modal shapes. Fragments of free-jazz alto skronk fight with fractals from Roland`s silver box. Like Phuture meets Coltrane. Sax on Acid.

You can order a copy of A Man Called Adam`s Farmarama Remixes Volume 2 directly from Other.

Tonight’s gig, hosted by Soundcrash Music, starts at 7PM and runs until 11, at The Pickle Factory – part of the Oval complex. 

On Saturday night Sally will be my very special guest on The Remedy. If you’re in Japan the broadcast goes out live between 20:00 and 21:00 on FM Karuizawa 77.5 MHZ. If you’re outside of Japan you’ll have to wait until the show is archived on Mixcloud the following day. 


Reference Links

Basic Channel

Derrick Carter



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