Zatua / Sin Existencia / Second Circle

With their debut E.P., Sin Existencia, Indonesian collective Zatua enter Second Circle`s modern electronica melting pot. The four central musicians hail from Jakarta and Bali, and are headed by DJ / producer Dea Barandana. Dea being the founder of local label, Frisbee Records, and co-host – alongside NuNorthern Soul`s Phil Cooper – of the Through Gods Own Eyes events. Earlier this year he also had a fine solo record out on Sound Metaphor side imprint, Bless You. Carmen Caballero Fernandez and Sasha Sabrina contribute improvised vocals, in the form of spoken narratives split between Spanish, French, and Asturian (a language spoken exclusively in the northwest of Spain).

Zatua fit perfectly into the Music From Memory / Second Circle canon. Setting snatches of what could be North African melody and shamanic song to the tick and pop of a rhythm devil. Fusing those elements with big kicks, fat undulating bass pulses and whistling synthetic chords. Recalling releases by Dazion, Paul K. and Denis Mpunga.  The slapped strings of Rubber Elite generating a cool cosmic funk – located somewhere between The Bush Of Ghosts and Compass Point. A Brazilian carnival on cowbell. Camel Express saunters on slowed-down rave sonics. A Moog buzzing within like an insistent fly. Emitting a kind of electronic ethio-jazz. Hey Joamal has snake-charmer keys jackin` to a vintage Chicago house b-line. 

The closing title track puts monastic chant amidst squelches, rumbles, proto-techno clanking, and Deee-lite-esque bass. The closest comparisons I can think of are the recently reissued DWART, and pioneers Diseno Corbuiser. 

You can oder a copy of Zatua`s Sin Existencia E.P. directly from Music From Memory.

Reference Links


Paul K. & Denis Mpunga

The Bush Of Ghosts

Compass Point

Brazilian carnival


Diseno Corbuiser

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