Borrowing the title from Underground Resistance`s homage to Larry Heard to introduce two heavier 12s, that caught my ear and which blur the boundary between house and techno.  

muzyka dla nikoge art

Transatlantyk`s Muzyka Dla Nikoge E.P. is a distress flare from Poland`s house scene. An outlet for the country’s young producers in an environment of decreasing musical opportunity. K-Hole Trax` Shout Out To Keith Haring is rumbling, gurgling, dark and acidic. Aheloy!`s Anvil has its beats broken. Its rhythm rendered by random meteor shower collisions. 1992`s Emphasis is twisted, melodic, but still banging. The standout for me is Dextre`s Escape. A Miami bass tribute. Star dancing. Planet rocking. Its 808 booming beneath an uplifting synth-line, steel pan tones and gated effects.  

There’s more star-dancing on Perth producer Guy Contact`s E.P., Liminal Space, released by Butter Sessions. Its classic 90s techno / trance tropes throwing 303 shapes while dodging volleys of laser blasts. Kawai K4 shimmers, simmers, rings, with metallic ambience. Holding Bay is a mechanoid march, but still a calm, controlled AM trip. Heading into a deep illuminated by synthesized pedal steel arcs. The title track however gets given a good old stormtrooper 4 / 4 kick. It might begin with an intro of ethereal sighing cyborgs but it quickly starts pounding as circuits chatter, Roland`s silver box squelches and melodies are shaken from alien alloy rainsticks.

guy contact liminal space art

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