Pender Street Steppers / Our Time / Mood Hut

A typically busy year for Vancouver`s Mood Hut has had Ban Ban Ton Ton bouncing to the big modal b-line of People Plus` Third Space, chugging to Ciao`s pitched down Trance Breaks, and wowing at the Prince-like pop of Local Artist`s Touch Tone. The label close 2019 with another synth-pop surprise. Two love songs to the dance dubs of the 1980s, crafted by Pender Street Steppers with up to the minute sonics. Our Time recalling classics such as John Astley`s Put This Love To The Test, and Spectral Display`s It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love. A little of The Beloved’s Jon Marsh in its vocal. Delivered dead-pan. Like Leonard Cohen forever dancing. 

On the flip, Falling is faster. Its rhythm whizzing and whirring. Computerized harmonies stuttering in key, like those of Nu Shooz. Mixing board trickery has the drums crashing, in sympathy with the tune`s lyric, and in tribute to Jellybean Benitez rocking Manhattan’s Funhouse. 

You can order a copy of Pender Street Steppers` Our Time directly here. 

Reference Links

John Astley

Spectral Display

The Beloved

Nu Shooz


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