Castel / Estrel / Echovolt

Echvolt have licensed some high quality archival “techno” from Melbourne-based Castel. Produced back in 1997 / 98 the E.P.`s title track, Estrel, takes a Black Dog Productions Byte out of Mayday`s Wiggin`. Its acidic rush countered by a chiming calm. Safer Somewhere could have been lifted from Buzz` Icon-ic Virtualsex compilation. All 5 tunes harking after a golden age of electronica. From say Aphex Twin`s Selected Ambient Works in 1992 to John Beltran`s Ten Days Of Blue in 1996. Reload`s A Collection Of Short Stories. Xtal. 

Me & You is beautifully chilled. Its beats lightly, tightly, ticking, tripping, like a fluttering heart. Its melodies, fading fractals, a flashback to The Temple Of Transparent Balls or Rest Proof Clockwork. 16/11/1998 has its rhythm reduced to gently shuffling high hats. Notes sighing as if lying looking up at cloudless skies. Latch is gated. Its first half beatless, as it skydives from Venus. The second introduces non-repetitive beats, recalling Boards Of Canada`s recently issued Peel Sessions. 

You can order a copy of Castel`s Estrel directly from Echovolt. 

Reference Links




Selected Ambient Works

Ten Days Of Blue

A Collection Of Short Stories

The Temple Of Transparent Balls

Rest Proof Clockwork

Skydive From Venus

Non-repetitive beats

Boards Of Canada

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