Cass. & Gianni Brezzo / Masala Kiss / Growing Bin

This Masala Kiss is all keys and guitar strings. New age tunings. Synthetic woodwinds. Close mic`d blues. Their arcs stretched sometimes vapour thin. The two in frequently electric fusion-esque arrangements. The air of calm, unhurry, not unlike the early releases on Jonny Nash`s Melody As Truth. 

There`s the odd percussive echo. The odd thud of a sleepy beat. A gentle tick-tock, or pitter-patter, punctuated by the playful use of field recordings. Music dissolving, fading into friends conversations, the whistles and shouts of fathers supporting a child’s football game, a puckering of protagonists lips, an angel catching her breath….Building Der Dane from filtered and phased handclaps, which cycle around an aquatic trip hop break. Lapping at it like the tides. Instabubu clatters, metallic, like a draw full of Georg Jensen`s ergonomic space-age cutlery. Out Of Mind is an arpeggiated Tangerine Dream-scape. Interludes send winds, and the peal of church bells. Night birds and insect chatter. Throughout notes are subtly bent, those keys drifting out of key, to create a slightly uneasy easy-listening. 

You can order a copy of Cass. & Gianni Brezzo`s Masala Kiss directly from The Growing Bin. 

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