LX72 / State Of Resilience / LXMZK

Lexx launches a new moniker, LX72, and a new label, LXMZK, with the State Of Resilience E.P. The title track sets glacial keys and dubbed-out shouts to a broken but smooth syncopated latin shuffle. Synths are sucked backwards and house, house, house fills the vacuum. 

Duster takes the rave chords of say Psychotropic, chops `em, mutes `em, until the sweet music they make has more in common with the sophisticated Detroit sound of Andres, or Theo. If Theo didn’t feel the need to make everything 15 minutes long. A shot of Philly string emotion. Gospel and jazz the teachers. A touch of Mos Def`s Universal Magnetic in the beat (man but that track blew my mind when it was released). Part Pal Joey, part Moodymann, all soul. I know I’m always citing Moodymann, but when it comes to house it`s the best way I know to say “proper”. 

Lunatic Dolphin bumps up the BPMs and bangs those same elements into a framework more “dreamy”, more Mediterranean. So now it`s Don Carlos meets Moodymann. Proper proper. Both chilled and deceptively not chilled at the same time – its big techno Hoover b-line is countered by fresh water samples – unarguably cool. In that if you walked in somewhere and this was playing, well there’d be no denying that they knew their shit. Very possibly one for getting lost on a 3AM dance-floor, I could just as easily see myself using it to hand over a warm-up at midnight. 

i.e. It`s so good it`s bound to get spun (at least) twice.


You can get your hands on a copy here.

Reference Links




Universal Magnetic

Pal Joey


Don Carlos

One thought on “LX72 / State Of Resilience / LXMZK

  1. “ I know I’m always citing Moodymann, but when it comes to house it`s the best way I know to say ’proper’.”

    Have this same thought all the time 😉

    Great write up Rob!


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