Chocolate Milk & Brandy / Ten Years Of Cocktails & Sunsets

Presented here is a decade’s worth of personal musical highlights, selections, that take their inspiration from Jose Padilla`s sets at Ibiza`s Cafe Del Mar. Where chart-hits sat next to new age, jazz, mellow hip hop, and deep house that bordered on trance. Sides on Windham Hill, ECM. Everything Innovative Communication ever released. From Jose`s mixtapes, sold at the Cafe and at the hippie market in Punta Arabia, which decades later resurfaced on Tapes whose music I ID`d with help from friends such as Jolyon Green, Tim H., Phil Mison, Moonboots, and Lilac Camel (I never did learn your real name – I hope you’re well).  Then mixes by Moon, Phil and Jolyon further informing my own take on Jose`s legacy – I mean didn’t Jose invent “chill-out”? Leading me to produce a series of segues, titled Tokyo-To Kissa, that were more suited to a whisky bar at midnight that a beach at twilight. 

Over the last ten years I’ve interviewed a lot of people, in a round about way posing them that eternal question “What is Balearic?”, and I know that for the majority of the younger folks it`s all about Jose and the Cafe Del Mar. They are less aware of Amnesia, Alfredo, Carlos, Cesar, Cirillo, Esteban, Joan, Leo, Patrick, Pippi, Nelo, et al. When asked for classics nearly always they’ll hit you with tunes like Santana`s Aquamarine, Sub Sub`s Past, and This Mortal Coil`s take on Song To The Siren. Sunsets have become synonymous with balearic. I guess this part of the “genre” is easier to define. To a large extent the idea of the sunset set has popularized and kept balearic alive. Everybody has Jose to thank for that. 

I pinched the Chocolate Milk & Brandy tag-line line from a list of White Isle “Uppers & Downers” published in the Boys Own fanzine back in 1990. I have to confess that I’ve only drunk “chocolate milk & brandy” once. During the summer of 1991. Unfortunately,  as was / is my want, one was not enough. Leaving the Cafe Del Mar, in the dark, post-sunset, shirtless (topless), I was stopped and searched by the police. The rumour at the time was that the Guardia Civil were rounding up long-hairs and shaving their heads. My mane at this point fell in faux-King Charles curls all the way to my arse. How they didn’t find the drugs I`ll never know. I don’t remember the inside of Pacha but I do remember throwing-up those thick, bittersweet cocktails outside.


291out – L’alba Dei Vinti


Poppy Ackroyd – Escapement 

Alexey Akrkhipovskiy – Doroga Domoi

Massimo Amato – In The Mood

Ambala – Morning Lights / Last Swimmer

Penelope Antena – Trade Winds

Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu – One Wheel On My Dragon / Coco & The Fish

Ikue Asazaki – Yoisura Bushi

Auntie Flo – The Soniferous Garden

A Vision Of Panorama – Seaside Tune / Duality


Mark Barrott – Right 4 Me / Baby Come Home / Go Berri Be Happy / Essene

Be – One 

Bendith – Mis Mehefin

Bing & Ruth – Postcard From Brilliant Orange

Black Merlin – Hypnotik Tradisi

Blank & Jones – Summer Trip

Bohren And Der Club Of Gore – Piano Nights

Paul Buchanan  – Mid Air

Bubble Club – The Goddess

Bullion – My Lar


Cantoma – Tabarin / Viusu

Jefre Cantu-Ledsuma – Tenderness

Canyons – When I See You Again

Chaos In The CBD – Global Erosion 

CFCF – On Vacation

Steve Cobby – Bushfarmer / May Flights Of Angels Sing Him To His Rest

Colorama – Hapus (Begin Remix)

Nev Cottee – If I Could Tell You

CTM – Saul / Elsa Palma


Destroyer – Kaputt / 5 Spanish Songs

Dirty Gold – Californian Sunrise

DK / SK – Fade

Donato Dozzy & Tin Man – Test 3

Martin Duffy – Assorted Promenades

Matt Dunkley – Six Cycles

Durutti Column – A Paean To Wilson / Stuki


Elder Statesman – Montreaux Sunrise

Warren Ellis – Mustang


Factory Floor & Peter Gordon – C Side

Faze Action – Chiiko

Greg Foat – The Door Into Summer

Andras Fox – So Glad

Four Hands – Hizou

Four Tet – Evening / Morning / There Is Love In You

Nils Frahm – Spaces

Phil France – The Swimmer


Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto – Maria Sola

Mike Garry & Joe Duddall – Saint Anthony

Gaussian Curve – Another Place / Impossible Island

Jose Gonzales – Remain

Derek Gripper – Kaira

Laura Groves – Waterfalls / Pale Shadows


Matthew Halsall – Falling Water

Jon Hopkins – I Remember

Horse Beach – June / Faded Eyes

The Host – Esalen Lectures


Incarnations – Let Love Find You


Jah Wobble – Ascension 

Johann Johannson – Mercy

Johnny Jewel – Windswept


Vangelis Katsoulis – Zarrin

Jessika Kenney – Kidung

Emerson Kitamura – Rock Your Baby

Michael Kiwanuka – Tell Me A Tale / Love And Hate

Antoine Kogut – Sphere Of Existence

Bartosz Kruczyński – Baltic Beat

KWC 92 – Dream Of The Walled City


Quinn Luke Lamont – Different Aspirations

Land Of Light – Land Of Light

Laraaji – Bring On The Sun

Tim Love Lee – Trip Triangular 

Leonidas – Sunrise


Gigi Masin – Venezia 2016

Majeure – Solar Maximum 2

Clint Mansell – San Junipero

Maricopa – Tusk Wax #6

Abul Mogard – Dizziness That Shakes Rivers And Mountains

Musiccargo – Harmonie

My Bloody Valentine – Is This And Yes


Jonny Nash – Phantom Actors

Nordso & Theill – Nordso & Theill

Nuel – Trance Mutation

Maarja Nuut & Ruum – Muunduja


Okinawa Delays – Nariyama Ayagu (Phil Mison Vocal)

Olololop – Mon Orte


Pablo Color – La Calle Roja

Panoram – Hell Reflections

Paqua – The Visitor

Penguin Cafe – Ricercar

Pilooski – Completely Sun


Recondite – Tie In

Resina – In In

Eddie Ruscha V – Who Are You


Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – Let Me Get There

Seahawks – Look At The Sun

Shida Shahabi – Pretty In Plums

Anoushka Shankar – Land Of Gold

Adrian Sherwood – Starship Bahia

Sherwood & Pinch – Wild Birds Sing

Shy Layers – Stabilized Waves

Slowdive – Sugar For The Pill

Steaua de Mare – Steaua de Mare

Phil Stroud – Flow

Stubb & Jane Weaver – We Are Launching

Suarasama – Fajar Di Atas Awan

Syracuse – Lovventura / Love


Talamanca System – The Past Is The Future (Beatless)

Tempelhof & Gigi Masin – Cornersong / She Left Home

Tindersticks – How He Entered

Mia Doi Todd – Summer Lover / Paraty

Tommy Awards – Blind Andy  / Hotel Odemark

Torn Sail – Birds (Cos / Mes Remix)

Troels Hammer – Cold Hawaii

Giorgio Tuma – In The Morning We`ll Meet / Through Your Hands Love Can Shine

Yves Tumor – Limerence


Underground System – Bella Ciao (Leo Mas, Fabrice & Gigi Masin Remix)

Underworld & Iggy Pop – I See Big


Videotapemusic – Pianican Night Club

Voices From The Lake – Circe + ST


Sven Weissmann – Falling Leaves

Winged Victory For The Sullen – Iris

White Hinterland – Icarus

Art Wilson – Overworld

Jonathan Wilson – Desert Raven

Wilson Tanner – Sun Room


Thom Yorke – Unmade

Mixes currently uploading……please check back in an hour…….

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