Maat / Solar Mantra / Growing Bin Records

Next up on Growing Bin Records are Parisians Maat. Their long-player, Solar Mantra, is dedicated to Codona – the percussive trio of Colin Walcott, Nana Vasconcelos, and Don Cherry. Appropriately, the music the French band makes mixes electronics with the jazz of Growing Bin mates Merge, and the output of ECM, the home of Codona. Tumbling, rattling, and clattering. Putting blue-eyed harmonies with drum circle patterns, and a big old school rave sub-bass blasts. Reminiscent of new guy Androo, or those noodly late-90s Two Lone Swordsmen remixes and dubs. Jaki & Bryn is a star-lit midnight float down the river of dreams. Feuglace is groovy sunset funk. The title cut sets strange strings in womb-like surroundings. As warm and as fuzzy as that time Seahawks teamed-up with Tim Burgess. Quetzal Pacino takes a trip to the disco. Clailiere is a swirling psychedelic ride. Mount Beuvray, an expanding soundscape of ambient swells. The closing Liome Dub falls away into a world of echo. The song re-finding itself as battery hits ricochet in reverb. Anyone remember The Dukes Of Chutney? Well, if you do, they’d be another point of reference. 

Reference Links




Noodly dubs


Dukes Of Chutney

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