Claremont 56 / Claremont Editions 001

Claremont 56 have a new label sampler out and in shops – Claremont Editions 001. Seven tracks on vinyl, and 2 digital bonuses, that act a a taster for the imprint`s year to come. The record featuring both old friends and fresh signings. Three of the tunes share the same soft rock leanings as label-founder Paul Mudd Murphy`s own productions. Angel Spells supplying a slow cosmic cover of The Eagles` Those Shoes (a track rediscovered by someone – probably Balearic Mike Smith – back when everyone – prompted by Harvey`s Sarcastic Study Masters Volume 2 – was looking for groovy rock surprises). Hear & Now also marry sunshine six-strings riffs with synthesized arpeggios and sighs on their Alba Sol. Statues` Heaven Fades is psychedelic, rich and bass heavy. Punctuated by perfectly placed piano chords, and with, half-way through, an electric violin illuminating the way. It`s a little reminscent of Mudd`s work with Holger Czukay & U-She, as Bison, and the late Cologne-based kosmische pioneers also contribute a song to the new compilation. Their Longing being a typically eccentric orchestrally-strung story of love and desire. The kosmishce continues with Fursattl, whose motoring modern motorik, on the 11 minute Leerlauf, draws a clear rhythmic line between Neu! and Metalheads. A connection that I hadn’t noticed before, until now. Guitars full of spring and summer. Synths soaring like rockets and rainbows. The standouts for me however both hail from Japan. Kaoru Inoue`s Disco Dub of HF International’s take on Hall & Oates `80s chart smash, I Can`t Go For That, comes on like a tropical vamp of Dennis Brown`s Love Has Found Its Way. Once big at Shoom, don’t you know. Yamp Kolt`s Fuyu No Ne is cool and sophisticated pop. Looking back to the luxurious economic bubble that birthed bands like Dip In The Pool – complete with laser disc promos and Issey Miyake pleats. The b-line, a bit like The Cure`s Lullaby – with a definite nod to Little Annie’s I Think Of You. Karin Miyagi`s vocal, a sweet nursery rhyme. 

Reference Links

Sarcastic Study Masters Volume 2




Love Has Found Its Way

Dip In The Pool


Little Annie

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