Intenta / Experimental & Electronic Music from Switzerland 1981 – 93 / Les Disques Bongo Joe

Another classy compilation arrives care of Geneva’s Les Disques Bongo Joe. INTENTA collects 17 tracks from the Swiss underground. Mapping the moment when 80s post-punk protest switched on – got sampler-and-MIDI`d up. The selection is extremely diverse. Ranging from dark rituals and ceremonies of echoed congas and strummed acoustic guitars, to mutant jazz. The former full of backwards vocals and shamanic shouts – beat poetry barked to tribal drums, and skittering techno snares. Primal, percussive dances. The latter, a fog of snake charmer reeds and gypsy violin. Ghosts in the machine racing to Klaus Schultze-like sequences. Keys in chiming counterpoint. Slow waltzes, and gentle slapped bass funk. There`s snarling, angular and urgent, axe-wielding new wave grooves, and quietly euphoric ZTT-esque “Bale-lectro” instrumentals – replete with orchestral woodwinds, strings, and binary brass. Highlights include the slow synthesized seduction of D-Sire`s Propaganda-like Wintertime, and the Gong-esque prog of Elephant Chateau`s Dreaming. A folk / fusion collision originally self-released on their label, Halb Tanz Halb Schlaf, in 1988. EC have a  whole LP of archival material due on Bureau B in April. Bells Of Kyoto was a studio partnership between Australian pianist Peter Waters, two members of Swiss new wave band Marche Comune (Annabelle is a personal favourite of theirs), and one of Jah Wobble`s Invaders Of The Heart, Ollie Marland. The fruits of this musical relationship were released by German label RRRecords in 1984, and reissued last year on WRWTFWW spin-off, Mitsuko & Svetlana Records. The track included on INTENTA, is a piece of piano-led ambience, rooted in classical minimalism – think a mellower Man Jumping – called Swiss Air. Carol Rich cutely whispers her Computered Loveprivately-pressed Italo-esque synth pop from 1984. When she sings Carol sounds just like Jane, of Jane & Barton. From the same year there`s also Jean-Pierre Huser`s Chinatown – which cruises the sleazy side of town, like Serge Gainsbourg and J.J. Burnell hitting Le Whiskey, and in search of some Golden Brown.

Reference Links

Klaus Schutlze



Marche Comune

Jah Wobble`s Invaders Of The Heart

Man Jumping

Jane & Barton

Serge Gainsbourg

J.J. Burnell

Golden Brown

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