Steve Cobby / СТИВИ / Déclassé

Here are ten new tracks of Steve`s studio-based fusion. Head-nodding like hip hop, boom bap, played live, with some funky-assed post-rock band – say Doug Scharin`s H.I.M. or Adam Pierce`s Mice Parade – bringing the beats. Sunset / sunrise electro, sugared by sensitive, introspective synths a la Claro Intelecto. Solos like solar flares, throwing arcs across a clear evening sky. Houses fashioned from Italo arpeggio loops. Cool kosmische voyages of disco meets Neu! Where rubbery machined rhythms dance with 303 burps and damn fine guitar – some sweetly Spanish-leaning, others, a bastard blues of dueling bottleneck slides and clipped jazz chords. Keyboard-led fusions, fat-bass-ed grooves, that have Weldon Irvine`s Cosmic Vortex fed though a filter, so that when we listen all we can see are brighter, better days. 

You can purchase Steve Cobby`s СТИВИ directly from Déclassé. There’s also a new Fila Brazillia record out.

Reference links


Mice Parade

Claro Intelecto


Bastard Blues

Weldon Irvine

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