Chosen Words, Selected Visions

More brilliant books, daring documentaries, fantastic films, marvelous movies, and tremendous TV, recommended by friends from around the globe….

Anna “Domino” Delory (France, USA)


It’s difficult to recommend favorite things, as you know. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it`s not the right moment… The most enjoyable read I can think of was Jeffrey Eugenides` MiddleSex, it is hilarious, harrowing, intimate, vast.

Jeffrey Eugenides Middlesex

I also really dug Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, immensely. Read it twice. It`s a historical novel but she takes you there. Without even noticing, you find yourself in a 16th Century mindset, completely entertained, engaged and out of this world.

Hilary Mantel Wolf Hall


Black Orpheus, Hobsons Choice, Thunderball, and Night Of The Hunter – if only for the song the little girl sings as she floats downstream in the boat at night with her brother and the doll stuffed with cash…

Alex From Tokyo (World Famous, 今 Arizona)


Leonard Koren – Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers

For all creative people interested in Japan this is a great introductory book in English that captures “wabi sabi” – the quintessential Japanese aesthetic. It`s a real classic, that you`ll want to read multiple times!


Alex Knight (FatCat, UK)


I’ve found a lot of joy in the writings of David Sedaris – and his collection of short stories Me Talk Pretty One Day is quite a perfect antidote to the overwhelming doom and gloom of the 24 hour news machine. Aimless and highly amusing it’s split into bite-sized chunks, perfect for a pick up between the incessant demands of home-schooled-and-quarantined kids.

Me Talk Pretty One Day


Roma – Alfonso Cuarón. A feast for the eye – the black and white cinematography is a thing of beauty and the pace of the film is nothing short of meditation. This is a semi-autobiographical tale and an ultimate love-letter to both Alfonso’s mother and the live-in maid, the character Cleo, who played a significant role in raising him.

Chris Kontos (Kennedy Magazine, Greece)


I`m reading The Corrections, by Jonathan Franzen, at the moment. Also a book I really enjoyed this year was called The Company They Kept which is about literary friendships. And also White by Bret Easton Ellis.

White by Bret Easton Ellis

Stuart Leath (Emotional Rescue & Response, UK)



The Great Beauty




Erica Lagalisse – Occult Features of Anarchism

Occult Features of Anarchism

Dean Meredith (Mind Fair, UK)

Films & Docs


Ozark Series 3

Tiger King

The Story Of Muscle Shoals 

Over The Edge

Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space, USA)


Talk Radio. Directed by Oliver Stone.

About a radio host in Texas who gets shot by one of his listeners. A good one to watch before broadcasting.


The Master & Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

I keep thinking about this one during these strange times. This Russian novel about the Devil and his band of misfits wrecking havoc on Moscow is filled with satire and the surreal. Feels fitting to what’s going on around us now.

The Master and Margarita


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