Man Power / Statements 1 – 4 / Me Me Me

Walls of sound are sculpted from sheets of sparks and sinister circuit fizz. Drums are tribal. Tumbling, thumping. The arrangement minimal, but the groove set at “max”. Caught in the electro crossfire of star wars lasers, kosmische oscillations, and steel pipe percussion. Celestial showers of machined handclaps.

Astonishing riots of angry acid – arcs like distressed dolphin calls – sirens, and martial snares. Dark houses haunted by summoned spectres of industrial noise, countered by cowbell and computer madness. Mutated horns and manhandled breakbeats. Tubular bell chimes and anthem pianos. Wild Style battle samples. Trance-inducing, crowd-moving / manipulating, drama-driven, peak-time main-room bangers. These are tough dance-floor tropes, made accessible, always sweetened, by melodic invention. Pretty even, in places. 

Sliced and diced sax snippets. Double D and Steinski steals. Boiling 303 bubbles. Foot-stomping afro chants. Funky drummer fragments riding LFOs. The Ancients Of Days is pounding Underworld-esque stadium techno. Detailing ringing like a metallic morse E2-E4. Slower moments, such as The Clocks Were Striking 13, are hallucinogenic worlds of backwards sonics, and bellowing bass. While nostalgia can be found throughout in the buzz and bleep. 

There are 4 E.P.s here, 16 tracks. All of them a modern, sharp amalgam of UK rave and stripped back Chicago jack. Euphoric precision dance dynamics that’ll have arms-in-the-air, and hearts-in-mouths. All of the profits going straight to the NHS. 

Put your hands in your pockets and purchase Man Power`s Statements 1 – 4, and help support those on the frontline of this crisis, via Me Me Me. 

Reference Links

Celestial showers of machined handclaps

Computer Madness

Tubular Bells

Wild Style 

Double Dee & Steinski

Funky Drummer




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