Door To The Cosmos / Dance Floor Sampler / On The Corner

The full 3 X LP Door To The Cosmos compilation, due in September,  is available to pre-order, while an 8-track bonus “sampler”  – aimed more directly at dance-floors – was released yesterday. It features further illustrations of human / hardware synergy. Tribal songs and rhythmic rites married with bionic b-lines and mean low-end throbs. 

Uffe`s Free House is shuffling, upright bass-led bashment. Glittering with abstract glissandos of casading, celestial keys. Bar by bar revealing its true latin nature. Black Classical`s Medassi is the kind of sunshine-filled “garage” that UR used to release on their Happy imprint. Intro`d by a positive call for affirmative action, mid-way through it drops to just birdsong and strings, making space for this plea for community, unity – to look past existing, accepted narratives, and create your own. To not have others rewrite your history, and thereby limit your future. Clive From Accounts` Moon Buggy is a Capoeira carnival. A giant slice of joint-jumping jive generated from choppy drums, native tongues and leviathan subs. 

In contrast, Planet Battagon and Sunken Cages` contributions are considerably darker. The former attempting to tame a writhing, amorphous beast-like noise. Which bends and distorts as it breaks free of its chains. The latter blurs the border between an industrial-tooled groove and digital dancehall innovation. Like a stripped back echo of shangaan electro. 

There are two blasts of drum & bass. The Diabolical Liberties` River Of Sound rides slamming snares, while its melody moves in chilled slow motion. Tom Blip & MC Palakata`s frantic fidget, Singeli Jungles, however allows no half-stepping. 

In the decades since drum & bass first emerged we have become, musically, more sophisticated – far more knowledgable about music from all over the globe. So listening to d&b now, it doesn’t sound as alien as it did back then. Now we know that it`s tapping into ancient traditions, ancestral rhythms, that are part of our DNA. Its modern magpie nature is effectively a model for the cultural melting pot in which we would all, ideally, co-habit. It`s proof that such as world is possible, and acts as a rallying cry for those that would lobby the powers who draw up and dictate our society’s divisions. Every choice you make, everything, is politics. The creation, existence, of art such as this is a statement in itself. 

You can pre-order the expansive Door To The Cosmos compilation, and purchase its companion dance floor sampler, directly from On The Corner Records


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