Song Sung / This Ascension Is Ours / Night Time Stories

Enchanted sirens cast lyrical spells. Recite electro-pagan love pomes. Recalling the runes cast by Jane Weaver and Documenta. A looped exotica framing a field-recorded  rural landscape – of fowl, horses, hooting owls and snorting swine. Inner flights, rocked and reassured by Wiccan whispers, buoyed by the lap of Sister Moon’s tides and Seiðr sighs. Incantations invoking miracles of our own making. 

Psychedelic serenades. Lysergic lullabies. Hallucinogenic harmonies haunting arrangements of harp, reverb, and discreet modular fizz. Like Marilyn Rovell Wilson`s American Spring feathered gently through feedback. A subtle disorientating DMT disorder. Taking Night Of The Hunter`s witching-hour float downstream. Falling, Lynchian, with Julee Cruise into swirling oceans of sound that reimagine One Dove high on Harmonia, instead of King Tubbys Hometown Hi-Fi.

Strings are shattered into the pattern of a thousand stars and the resulting rush nearly knocks you off your feet. Senses heightened. Everything bending, breathing, communing with Ma Nature. In unison noting that, “I know the birds, and they know me.” Third eye wide open, tuned into the universe, seeing, and hearing wonders as spirit guides chart paths away from sorrow and towards the light. Dream-machine shapes strobing ecstatic closed eyelids.   

Dancing to a chimera of shoegaze and kosmische. Fuzzed and phased axes riff to a slow, stoned metronome motorik beat. A bottom-end squelch. Like bubblegum pop pinching Spacemen 3`s Perfect Prescription. The Shangri-Las on psilocybin walking in the sand, and out to sea. Shimmering Ray Manzarek Vox Continental sustain summons translucent spectres of Phil Spector. Tom toms tumbling amidst glacial synths. Creating a cavernous, cathedral-like atmosphere that aches with the same sad ceremony mad Martin Hannett crafted for Closer. 

Song Sung`s This Ascension Is Ours is out now on Night Time Stories. 

Reference Links

Jane Weaver


Inner Flight

Miracles Of Our Own Making

American Spring

Night Of The Hunter

Falling, Lynchian

One Dove

Hearing Wonders

Perfect Prescription

The Shangri-Las

Ray Manzarek


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