Ruffy Makes A Tune Volume 1

For your entertainment, every Saturday during lockdown, Ruf Dug has been livestreaming himself making tunes. You can watch the vids over at, and now you can buy the music via bandcamp. The quartet of cuts bisected into the new age-nuanced and  “disco” dalliances. 

The opening Blue Sky Thinking was written for Chris Coco`s Chill Out Tent event and is framed by a field recording made on the White Isle. Its graceful glide of rolling tides and salt water streams run the length of the track – continuous not looped – while the music – minimal keys, counter melodies and whistling sighs – drift in and out. Children’s voices and laughter give the tune the feel of a fondly remembered family holiday. An aural snapshot. A bit like Ernest Hood`s Neighborhoods done gone moved to the beach. Clutching its rubber ring, bucket and spade, with sand in its sandwiches and a flake in its ice cream float. 

Episode 3-4 is electronic dance crafted on a “keytar”. Where synths are staccato and proto-acid arpeggios spin like `copter rotor blades. A tad Italo and a tad early UK house. Imagine Robotnik rocking with Hotline. 

On Episode 5-6 Ruffy manufactures a moodier ambience. Like the end credit theme of some `80s arthouse flick. With Mr Fingers` Juno 6 bending out a b-line, and the chimes above it getting all romantic. Sultry sax-toned sequences riding gentle Tangerine Dream REM rhythms. Then thunder cracks and the weather breaks, in an attempt to put out its Morroder / Bowie / Cat People-esque fire.  

The closing Episode 12 is raw drum track jack. Built from his commercially available Rhythm Section International sample pack (which you can also pick up on Bandcamp). Grainy and a little lo-fi, grungy and groovy, it conjures classic Dance Mania and is definitely the one for a poolside / sun terrace boogie. Toward the end hitting the button marked “non-revisionist rave”. 

Reference Links

Mr Fingers
Tangerine Dream
Cat People
Dance Mania

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