Dukes of Chutney / Hazel / Beats Of Space

Acoustic strum and angelic harmony ride a gentle tide of rhythm. Lapping, ever so slightly rocking. This, Hazel, is “dream pop”, as in sung as if in a dream. Half-remembered lullabies, beneath which tougher beats blast like dub explosions. Keys flowing in eddying currents. Spacing out in slower moments, those 6-strings stretched thin and sent spinning backwards in an echoed tropics. Sleepy, stoned by summer heat. Shining synths knocking up new age pastorals while the bass lays down a steady resting heartbeat. Together securing a sensory cleansing float. Broken blues licks and enchanted, magical toy shop midnight chimes synergising on psychedelic soft rock and stripped-back r&b. Patterns of pulses carrying abstracted vocals that conjure vapour trail visions, just out of reach.  

An uptempo throb propels muted and blurred, subliminal steel pans, and somehow it, this music, is like My Bloody Valentine – raised on 80s analog house instead of 60s garage nuggets. Beats In Space as opposed to Spacemen 3. The whispered love songs delivered in satori-like states amidst swirls of birdsong to a motorik metre. Loops crackling. Brass and bleep residing deep down in the mix. High-inducing sighs a prelude to soliloquies to sex in the dark. As the singer shimmers, shivers and that slo-mo dub-wise rattle slouches towards nirvana. Black Ark soul fire drum machines tick-tocking against edges of fuzz and feedback. Distorted guitar solos burning like desert winds blown in from Burroughs & Gysin`s Marrakesh and into Ira Cohen`s mylar chamber. Somewhere down the crazy, beatific, river, The Dukes Of Chutney, they done did dive in. 

The Dukes of Chutney`s Hazel is released on September 4, care of Beats In Space. Recorded over the course of a globe-trotting 6 year period – between Ojai, Lisbon, Scopello, London, New York, Paris, Minneapolis, Tulum, Firenze, Berlin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Lago di Bolsena, Miami, Barcelona, Venice Beach, Troncones, and Bastia. A share of the proceeds will be donated to Amazon Frontlines, an organization dedicated to supporting the struggles of indigenous peoples to defend their rights to land, life and cultural survival in the Amazon Rainforest. 


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