More Mixed Signals / Webb, Beat Per Bar and 4AM

Two “new” Mixed Signals are available to pre-order at Seance Centre. New`s in inverted commas `cos these are of course more missives from the outer edges of dance music history. Both are previously privately-pressed artifacts, now given a second life and slightly wider distribution. 

MS04 travels back to 1994, to Detroit, to the debut release by David Webb. A DJ / producer whose career began in high school, in the Frequency Sounds crew, alongside classmate, Paul Johnson, and friend, Jeff Mills. Created by overdubbing on 2 tape decks, and so by default, raw, Elevate is 7 minutes of drum machines and hand percussion. Its rumbling low-end countered by high-pitched piano stabs and strings. A “Broke Down Mix” concentrates on the kick and congas, and is consequently a tad more tribal. On the flip, 2 takes of Who Am I? are deeper. Less banging, classy, and Loft-y. Pal Joey spending the night. Vincent Floyd cruising. The tune`s simple, repetitive arrangement, 6 minutes of 3AM mirror-ball introspection. 

MS05 rewinds all the way to 88, 89 – landing in Orange County, LA – in the home studio of Lupos Sobre-Vega. Resurrecting 2 of his aliases, Beat Per Bar and 4AM. That’s Nice (Gimme A Couple More)  is a crazy, chaotic collage, that takes the spirit of ZTT`s smooth sampledelia, and channels Trevor Horn and Co.`s state-of-the-art through Lupos` lo-fi set-up. The result reminiscent of early balearic tunes such as Jim & Gene Are Into Shakes, Coco, Steel & Lovebomb`s Miracles. Or early UK house – like Two Men, A Trumpet, & A Drum Machine`s Tired Of Getting Pushed Around, and even earlier Chicago sides like Le Noiz` Wanna Dance. Slapped bass, cowbell and whistle in with the budget technology. Just Wait And See has more pop aspirations. A proper song in the style of, say, Z-Factor`s Thorns. A grainy (not granular) Information Society. Love It scratches in vocals, and choirs, and sounds like industrial`s idea of acid house. A little bit Greater Than One, or Psychic TV`s Jack The Tab trip. Barmy, busy, faster than a speeding bullet, and leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

Webb`s Elevate and the Beat Per Bar E.P. are released physically and digitally this Thursday, on Mixed Signals. 

Reference Links

Pal Joey

Vincent Floyd

Jim & Gene

Two Men, A Trumpet, & A Drum Machine

Le Noiz


Information Society 

Greater Than One

Psychic TV

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