Richard Norris / Elements / Group Mind

A tight, chiming repeat, a simple, almost ecclesiastical church-like motif, draws you in. Eliminating all other thought as you focus, attempt to chase, trace, its beginning and end. As you do so, warm sequences surround you, like a playful lover`s arms. Their touch reassuring you, with a comforting caress. Jazzed by colder currents, buzzing at the bottom-end, like the boom of an awakening, an enlightening god, as you float into the knowing, into nature, the universe. 

A sampled shoreline and a cosmic choir initiate some pagan rite, not to stop, but to commune with the tides. Bass notes and electric counterpoint balancing darkness and light. Raising a hymn to healing, and a surrender to fate. A drift down its dream-like obsidian river. Looking for Kurtz, not to kill him, but hold him. Not to fight, or to cure, but accept him, and peace in duality. 

Patterns overlaping, seeking synergy, harmony. Providing a path, allowing further frequencies to follow. Their tempo perambulating purposefully. Not passive, or pastoral, but with a definite destination in its hive mind. Recalling the innovative communications of Ralf Trostel. “Songs” of prophets and new ages of intelligence. 

Colouring the course with cinematic drones. Phantoms and whispers which swirl and circle music box melodies. The crystalline chimes summoning Czech horror soundtracks, John Carpenter scores, and classic Giallo. 

Keys that wheeze like ancient woodwinds sound a simple lullaby. Signaling the album’s short journey`s end. A 3, 4, 5 note refrain which encourages re-entry to a world outside the music. Fluttering, feathered, weightless, leaving the listener hopefully a little calmed. A little “holier” no matter your bent, denomination. Wherever your faith, and your personal rule book resides. 

Richard Norris` Elements is a perfect kosmische prescription, to be taken ideally first thing in the morning, or last thing at night – but really it`s cool at any hour. Experienced at any time it’ll leave you stronger, mentally more ready for a new day. The opening 2 tracks are incredible. The 3rd gives you a chance to get your breath back a bit. Maybe I was more in tune with Water, `cos I wrote this while in the bath. Perhaps I was more into the sirens` voices because right now I find myself searching for magic. 

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