Hotspring / Obit For Sunshade / Mood Hut

Mood Hut`s latest offering comes care of Scott Gailey – using his Hotspring alias. Eight tracks recorded under the title Obit For Sunshade, 2 springs ago, pre-pandemic, in British Colombia – Canada`s western most province, the home of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh nations. The indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. 

All of the pieces are incredibly calm creations. Exercises in serene sound design. Zapp-ed out vocoder-ed lullabies buffered by sub-bass boom – like a mother’s muffled heartbeat heard from within the womb. Sparse soulful abstractions. A stripped-back, subtracted rhythm and blues, whose careful keys and gentle percussion mix dub and jazz. Dancing to the whispers of inverted, inside-out, drum batteries. Like Jonny Nash`s Melody As Truth imprint meets Winsome`s reductive lovers rock. Or ECM`s organic fusions floating, trapped in King Tubby`s echo chamber. 

Ambient seductions, serial compositions, for wood-block and finger-cymbals, fluttering fragmented strings and new age sighs. Steve Reich reimagined by Motion Graphics. 

Hotspring`s Obit For Sunshade is available to order directly from Mood Hut. 

Reference Links
Melody As Truth
King Tubby
Steve Reich
Motion Graphics

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