Joey Beads / Spirit Call / Parkway Records

Joey Beads is the newest addition to the fast-growing and formidable roster of Mark Seven`s Parkway Records. Joey`s original mix of Spirit Call combining the raw afrocentric rhythms of a night at New Jersey`s Zanzibar, and the stripped back sophistication of the Burrell Brothers Nu Grooves. Tony Humphries jamming with Rheji and Ron. Creating a simple but effective dance floor dynamic by shifting between a serene synth refrain and percussive fills. Throwing a few euphoric chants in toward the track`s climax. 

Mr. Seven then provides a trio of remixes which set out to score temporal high points on your journey into dawn and the day. His 1AM take boasting a brooding Electribe 101-like b-line, and bigger, bolder keys. Taming the OG`s tribal elements, filling its shadows with flickering dubbed-out guitar and spinning echo. Adding a counter melody that first mimics pan-pipes, and then finally horns. 

By 3AM we’re entering the atmosphere of a slightly altered state. An alien – Distant Planet – otherness, joining a chorus of celestial cries – the sort that once graced Marshall Jefferson’s Truth. The beats are more balaphon-like and the tapping timbales come on like Arthur Baker shaking down his classic 80s sound. Vocals are processed through stuttering Fairlight effects. 

With the clock striking 6 the machined machinations are a little more clipped, robotic even. Still relying on idiophone-like tones to worship the sun as she rises, but with the luna drum rituals removed, their karma configured in an altogether collective calmer vibe. 

joey beads art 1

Unfortunately there are no clips of Joey Beads` Spirit Call currently online – but please check the Parkway Bandcamp page for news and updates. 

I wrote this review – in keeping with the record – at 6 this morning, before breakfast, before even that first coffee. The night before it had been the last thing I listened to, so I guess it had been stuck going round in my head. When I bounced the text over to Mark, this is what he said… proof that beat poetry is anything but dead…

“A couple of notes from my minds eye… 1AM: I had a lost VHS late night video-spooling, lo-fi boogie-soundtracking sultry models with cheating hearts! 3AM: All the well worn signals are in there, the East Orange rainforest vibez! Zanz meets the tropics (AGAIN!!) 6AM: I grew up on China Crisis and Larry Heard, can’t help myself!!  Those M1 pipes are more Kirkby than Kilimanjaro. All the while wearing a heavy inspiration from Justin Strauss’ monster remix back catalogue.”

Reference Links
Nu Groove
Electribe 101
Distant Planet
Marshall Jefferson’s Truth
Arthur Baker

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