AKU! / Blind Fury / Worm Discs

Shakers shake and two horns roar. Screeching, reaching for emotional highs. A trombone pumping out rhythmical pulses through which a sax shoots and darts. Their contrasting voices not in harmony, but for sure in agreement. Not intertwined, not even dancing the same dance. Two differing personalities, but mob-handed when it comes to a rumble. The sax perhaps a little bit freer, but that trombone – at least twice a tough – still gets its turn. The drum battery the whole while going off like a gun battle. Then all of them dropping to a mock swing, before screaming blue murder again. Throwing out hard bop scales and fire music skronk. The sticks hitting a solo designed to wake monsters asleep in the deep. The trombone the one providing an anchoring beat. The reed rushing in funky, furious flights toward the light. Alternating between bent, twisted balladry and skyward spirals, in arcs like oxygen hungry sparks torn from raging flames. The tangled trio smashing together surf, rock and jazz in a mutant Misirlou stew – lo-fi, punchy, packed with menace, and closing in on you. 

Glasgow “Doom Jazz” trio AKU!`s Blind Fury is out now on Bristol`s Worm Discs. 

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