The Diabolical Liberties / High Protection & The Sportswear Mystics / On The Corner

Sluggish, slo-mo chugs and muted horn marches, accompanied by Joe Gibbs` majestic wonky JA synths. Cowbell-led punk funk gallops and a cumbia lollop – bashed out on plastic drainpipe. Bulbous bass-ed rhythmic collisions, bashment boasting serious subs. “Cosmic booming”, dread with dub, no doubt, and with disco`s Linn drums pop popping, Augustus P.`s melodica blowing, in and out. Collaged lyrics delivered like Ian Dury running down this week’s tabloid-wrapped voodoo. Fish and chips, kebabs, gris gris grime and juju. Seemingly loose, and possibly quite stoned. Laidback and laconic, but for sure Sun Ra schooled. Digging his discipline deeply. 

Programmed on pocket-sized, portable, teenage engineering and recorded on battery-lagging, beat-up old phones. Sampling stolen moments sat on tubes and on trains, holed-up in local branches of coffee shop chains. Switching from London Fields hollers to whispered ASBO argot. Cutting codes and ciphers like a very British take on Rammellzee`s meta-mathematical, linguistic battles, and the Mudd Club`s NYC `80s art / loft milieu. Aural grafitti, riffing on Samo`s slogans. All out kings gunning for, repelling, ghosts. Throwing up tags and end-to-end burners to ESG-esque grooves full of joyful jazz honk and skronk. Wah-wah and highlife licks rudely picked and ripped from roughed up electric strings. Free word associations, consciousness streaming, ephemera checking, urban, urbane, and kinda beatnik. On the High Road, searching for 4 / 4 kicks. 

The Diabolical Liberties aka Rob “Earl Zinger” Gallagher and Alex “Patchwork” Stevenson`s  High Protection & The Sportswear Mystics was released last Friday by On The Corner. 

James Chance
Red Snapper 

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